we supply aluminum round bars and moreIf you are looking for aluminum then call World Metals. Distribution of aluminum and other metals is what we do best. We can supply your company in large or small quantities and in a wide variety of profiles.

Aluminum Products Available from our El Paso, TX warehouse

World metals is an aluminum wholesale and aluminum retail supplier.

Aluminum Coiled Sheet

We sell aluminum coiled sheetsin many types including:

  • 1100-H14 mill finish
  • 3003-H14 mill finish
  • 5052-h32 mill finish

World Metals is a seller, distributor, supplier, retailer and/or supplier for just about any aluminum need.

Aluminum Specular Lighting Sheet

Our distribution center is a well known El Paso Supplier of aluminum specular lighting sheets.

These sheets are produced from bright rolled and reflector quality coiled sheets. Contact our warehouse for more information on this product.

Aluminum Flat Sheet

wholesale and retail of aluminum  sheetsOur aluminum flat sheets are sold in 1100-0, 1100-H14, 3003-0, 3003-h14, 5052-H34, 6061-0, 6061-T4, and 6061-T6. They are available in many sizes. For further details about our aluminum flat sheet supplies call our office.

Aluminum Corrugated Sheet

He are a wholesale and retail warehouse for aluminum corrugated sheets. These style of sheets are commonly used for roofing and siding. Plain mill finish in many sizes.

Aluminum V-Beam Sheets

We carry aluminum v-beam sheets commonly used for roofing and siding. Many sizes available – Stucco embossed.

Aluminum Ribbed Sheet

Our business sells aluminum ribbed sheets for industrial siding. Stucco emobossed and many sizes to choose from.

Aluminum Plate

We have aluminum plates – 1100-F with mill finish. Available in 1/2 x48x144 inches.

Also available 3003-F, 5052-H32, 6061-o, 2024-T351 bare

Aluminum Rolled Tooling Plate

We have this (6061-T651 Type 200) aluminum metal product available in a wide variety of sizes.

Aluminum cast tool and jig plate

Cast, stress relieved, and machined… available in many sizes.

Aluminum Plate

7075-T651 Bare Mill Finish.

Other Aluminum Products

aluminum for industrial and commercial needsMost of these products come in several varieties and/or sizes. Call us for more information on these aluminum metal products.

  • Aluminum Tread plate
  • Bright Tread Plate
  • Aluminum Rounds
  • Extruded aluminum rounds
  • Aluminum Hexagons
  • Extruded aluminum hexagons
  • Aluminum Squares
  • Aluminum Bus Bars
  • Aluminum Squares (Manifold quality)
  • Aluminum rectangles (manifold quality)
  • Aluminum round wire in coils
  • Aluminum Beams
  • Aluminum Angles
  • Aluminum I Beams
  • Aluminum Channels
  • Aluminum Tees
  • Aluminum Zees
  • Aluminum Round Tubbing Drawn seamless
  • Aluminum round pipe
  • Aluminum extruded round structural pipe
  • Aluminum Square tubing
  • Architectural shapes
  • Channels
  • Trim Moulding
  • Truck Body Shapes

Aluminum Supplier

World Metals is your one stop shopping for all of your industrial, hobby, and personal aluminum needs. We have so many products that we cannot list them all here. If you need something but don’t see it on this list, no problem. Give us a call – we probably carry that stainless steel product or we can get it for you. We supply stainless steel in El Paso, TX, and to many companies across the United States as well as Juarez Mexico.

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